The Community Alliance

The Community Alliance newspaper is an independent voice for workers and progressive groups in the Central San Joaquin Valley. The goal of the newspaper is to build a powerful progressive movement that will support social, environmental and economic justice; immigrant rights; and a living wage for all working people.

The Community Alliance newspaper is currently the primary project of the San Joaquin Valley Media Alliance. The San Joaquin Valley Media Alliance intends to expand the reach of the Community Alliance newspaper further into challenged communities ill-served by media attention to their area and concerns.

Goals of This Initiative

  • Expand distribution and coverage to include challenged communities beyond the current coverage area.
  • Develop several community writers to produce content telling the story of their respective communities and developing content relative to issues in those communities. Publish said content in the print edition of the newspaper, on the Community Alliance website (linked to social media) and feature each of the writers as a guest on the Community Alliance radio program.
  • Nurture relationships with organizations that can:
    • assist in identifying prospective community writers and finding distribution locations and
    • provide input on matters that could be addressed by the publication.


Distribution of the Community Alliance newspaper currently saturates the city of Fresno; the nearby smaller communities of Sanger, Parlier, Selma, Reedley and Fowler on the east side of Fresno County and Caruthers and Huron on the west side; and the city of Madera. We plan to extend coverage to the entire west side (Raisin City, Coalinga, San Joaquin, Kerman, Mendota and Firebaugh) and to fill in our holes on the east side (Del Rey and Orange Cove) with a focus on increased Spanish-language content. These are predominantly Latino working-class communities.